Infecting with tapeworms is very common for cats – both living indoors and outdoors. Regular deworming is an essential part of pet care. Choosing the right deworming product, which can cure your cat mildly, with minimal side effects, is crucial. One of the most popular options around is Bayer tapeworm cat dewormer. Let’s try to find out whether it is as good as advertised.

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Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer at a Glance: What Is It?
Unboxing and Package Supply
Popular Products in the Category of Cat Dewormers: a Comparative Chart
1. Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer: an In-Depth Review
Tips on Using Bayer Cat Dewormer and Possible Side Effects
Frequently Asked Questions
The Bottom Line

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer at a Glance: What Is It?

The active ingredient of the Bayer dewormer is praziquantel – a chemical that is effective against one type of intestinal parasites – tapeworms. Tapeworms are long pale worms with the bodies divided into several sectors, which act as containers for their eggs. Tapeworms suck out nutrients from the food consumed by their host, making the cat suffer from malnutrition resulting in weight loss.
Praziquantel is not a poison – it doesn’t kill the worms. Instead, it acts as a paralytic – the affected tapeworms can’t move and consume nutrients. As a result, they die right inside the body; after that, they are dissolved and excreted with urine and feces.

Unboxing and Package Supply

Bayer dewormer for cats is supplied in a screw-capped jar that is placed in a cardboard pack. One pack contains three tablets and a drug package leaflet. Bayer cat dewormer instructions are also printed on the pack. The pills are hard and relatively large, so if your kitty is stubborn or she is not used to swallowing the drugs, you’d better crush it. An easy way to do so is to place a pill in a zip-lock bag and powder it by using a hammer.

Popular Products in the Category of Cat Dewormers: a Comparative Chart


Active ingredients

Effective against

Dosage form


Side effects

The minimal cat age

Safe for pregnant/ lactating cats

Bayer Tapeworm DewormerBUY NOW AMAZONPraziquantelTapewormsChewable tablets3 tabletsSalivation, diarrhea (rarely)6 weeksNot tested
Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat De-WormerBUY NOW AMAZONPiperazine CitrateRoundwormsLiquid4 ouncesVomiting/
6 weeksNo
Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer Solutions For CatsBUY NOW AMAZONPiperazine CitrateRoundwormsLiquid4 ouncesVomiting/
6 weeksNo
Pyrantel Pamoate SuspensionBUY NOW AMAZONPyrantel PamoateRoundworms, pinworm, hookwormsLiquid32 ouncesVomiting, nausea, diarrhea6 weeksNo
Naturpet D WormerBUY NOW AMAZONWormwood, black walnut, sage leaf, black and fennel seeds, papaya leavesAll types of wormsLiquid3.3 ouncesNo side effects except for the cases of the idiosyncrasy of the components 6-9 weeksYes

Tips on Using Bayer Cat Dewormer and Possible Side Effects

To achieve the best results always use the drug exactly as prescribed. Though Bayer deworming products are available over the counter, their improper or uncontrolled administration can turn harmful for a cat. Bayer cat dewormer dosage information is available on the pack and its leaflet.

Adhere to the Recommended Dosing Schedule

The dosing is calculated based on the pet’s body weight. For the cats of under 5 lbs it is 0.5 tabs; for the cats of 6 through 10 lbs – 1 tab; for the cats of 11-15 lbs – 1.5 tabs. The drug is taken only once; the relieving effect usually comes within 24 hours. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated in 30 days.

How to Administer Bayer Dewormer Correctly

The best approach is to swallow the pill whole. But this can be a trouble, as they are relatively large. If you don’t have enough skills and experience to make your cat swallow it, you can powder it and mix with food. To make sure it will eat everything, add the drug to treats or something delicious.

What about Side Effects?

Praziquantel affects only certain types of parasites while being absolutely harmless for pets. That is why it causes hardly any noticeable side effects. Sometimes, cats suffer from increased salivation or diarrhea. Commonly, these symptoms don’t require any special treatment and gradually disappear within 24 hours.

bayer cat dewormer

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer: an In-Depth Review

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer is frequently described as the best cat dewormer around. Is it really as good as advertised? Let’s have a closer look at its advantages and disadvantages.

This dewormer comes in the form of chewable tablets. They are non-coated, which means they are not supposed to be swallowed whole. This makes them easy to administer: you can crush the pill and mix it with food or a treat. The med has a neutral taste, so most cats eat it without a struggle. The drug is safe for the kitties older than 6 weeks and causes virtually no side effects, as it is non-toxic and doesn’t absorb into the blood. The active ingredient affects only parasites.

What we think

The effectiveness of the product has repeatedly been proven by independent reviewers and real pet owners. Some people complain that they don’t see the effect. But it’s important to understand that normally, there is no visible effect, as the dead worms are not expelled with the feces. Instead, they completely dissolve inside the cat and literally disappear. Meanwhile, the symptoms of infestation are relieved on the next day after the pill administration


  • effective and reliable;
  • no side effects except for occasional salivation;
  • safe for cats of all ages above 6 weeks;
  • easy to administer.


  • doesn’t have an alternative dosage form, for example, the liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different deworming products work differently. If you’ve never used Bayer products before, check the answers to popular questions regarding its dewormer. We hope you’ll find some useful information here.

Q: How Does Bayer Cat Dewormer Work?

A: It paralyzes tapeworms so that they can’t move and consume nutrients. As a result, the worms die in a natural way, after which they are dissolved and excreted with urine and feces.

Q: How Often Do I Give My Cat Tapeworm Dewormer Bayer Tablets?

A: The tablets are given only once – commonly, this is enough to help a cat get rid of the worms completely. For outdoor cats, it is recommended to repeat the procedure from time to time, but no more than once in 30 days and no more than 3 times a year.

Q: How to Give Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer to a Cat?

A: You can give it whole or crumble up. The crumbled pill can be mixed with wet food. It’s important to make sure the cat has fully eaten the recommended dose.

Q: How to Make a Cat Take a Bayer Dewormer?

A: The easiest method is to mix a crumbled tab with tasty food and offer to a kitty. Make sure it is hungry enough to eat everything. Alternatively, you may try to make your cat swallow the whole pill. Wrap the pet in a blanket, hold its head (it must be tilted back) and body to prevent any movements, and press its cheeks to make it open the mouth. Put a pill on the root of the tongue, close the mouth and rub the cat’s throat to make it swallow the tab.

Q: How Safe is Bayer Cat Dewormer?

As long as you follow the instruction, Bayer dewormer is absolutely safe. It causes almost no side effects and suits for the cats of all ages.


The Bottom Line

Bayer is a reputable brand; its vet products are chosen by the millions. Bayer tapeworm cat dewormer is no exception – this is a safe and easy-to-administer remedy that helps get rid of tapeworms within 24 hours. Without any exaggeration, it is one of the best deworming meds around – economical, effective, and reliable.

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