What Is a Dog Shark Life Jacket and Why Your Pup Needs It

Dogs are believed to be good swimmers, and many canine owners ask a reasonable question – why on earth do they need a life vest? The answer is obvious: an accident happens. Any water body – a lake, a river or a mountain stream – is a high-risk area. A dog can be carried away by the underwater current. It can get tired or scared. Finally, it can be hurt when swimming. A life jacket is an accessory that prevents the pet from drowning even if it can’t move for some reason.

Dog life vests are similar to the life vests for people, but, of course, they are adjusted for the body of a four-legged pet. They are made of waterproof materials, such as polyester and feature rescue handles and a leash attachment ring. We’ll review top-five cute dog life jackets that come with “shark” fins.

The Best Dog Shark Life Jackets: a Comparative Chart



Size range

Dog sizes


Rescue handles

Leash attachment


Swimways Sea Squirts Dog Shark  Life VestBUY NOW AMAZONPolyester, mesh fabricS-M10-50 lbsBelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesOne textile handle on the neckMetal D-ringN/A
Kimol XS Dog Shark Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZONMesh polyester & double-layer foamXS-L5-85 lbsBelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesA textile handle on the back; reinforce with plastic on the L and XL optionsMetal D-ringN/A
Snik-S Dog Shark Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZONPolyester oxford & nylon fabric, mesh fabric, pearl cotton foam XS-XXL2-88 lbsBelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesOne textile handle on the neckMetal D-ring30 days replacement warranty
Queenmore Dog Shark  Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZONOxford cloth and polyethylene foamS-XXL11-121 lbsBelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesA soft rubber handle on the backMetal D-ringN/A
Hengzhi Dog Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZONPolyester Oxford ; nylon fabric, mesh fabric, pearl cotton foamS-XLN/ABelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesOne textile handle on the backMetal D-ringN/A

Best Dog Shark Life Jackets: Our Choice

While there are quite a lot of shark fin dog life jacket options to choose from, it can be challenging to find the best price/quality ratio. They differ in their designs, features, and materials used. We’ve picked out five life vests that combine durability, convenience, and cute design.

Swimways Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest

Swimways Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest


This is a full-body life jacket for small and medium-sized dogs, which provides a good support to a pup when it is in the water. The vest comes with a cute shark fin on its back – it makes your pup look really amazing. It is very lightweight and completely waterproof, except for the mesh fabric insert on the belly.

What we think

While being really cute and stylish, the jacket seems a sort of thin and flimsy. The rescue handle is also thin, and the stitching quality is average. The manufacturer claims it is safe for the pups of up to 50 lbs, but you’d better use it for smaller breeds – 20-25 lbs.


  • affordable;
  • looks cute;
  • lightweight & comfy.


  • thin and flimsy;
  • the rescue handle is mediocre.
Kimol Dog Life Jacket Shark Dog Swimming Vest

Kimol Dog Life Jacket Shark Dog Swimming Vest


Kimol life jacket is a well-made piece of dog gear that comes in a variety of sizes. It boasts a double foam layer, which provides better buoyancy. The rescue handle on the larger options is reinforced with plastic.

What we think

The vest s very comfortable and lightweight – it doesn’t feel bulky despite an extra foam layer. All the straps have high-quality stitching and seem very durable. Keep in mind though, that the jacket tends to run large.


  • 2-layer foam;
  • comfortable and lightweight;
  • a robust rescue handle.


  • it runs large.
Snik-S Dog Life Jacket

Snik-S Dog Life Jacket


This versatile and comfortable life jacket helps a dog keep its head above the water all the time. It is made of high-quality 100% waterproof materials. Thanks to the adjustable chest and belly stripes it easily fits any body shape.

What we think

Apart from being one of the cutest shark dog life jacket options around, Sink-S life vests are available in a large variety of sizes. It does its job well, and we like the front float that keeps the pet’s head above the water level. But the rescue handle could be sturdier.


  • it looks lovely;
  • easy to adjust;
  • high-quality materials.


  • the rescue handle is flimsy.
Queenmore Dog Life Jacket

Queenmore Dog Life Jacket


If you are looking for a large dog life jacket, consider the one by Queenmore – its XXL option fits dogs of up to 121 lbs. Thanks to the long stripes with quick-release buckles and wide Velcro fastenings, the vest is easy to adjust. It is comfy, lightweight, and provides a superb buoyancy.

What we think

This is a well-made piece of gear. The rubber rescue handle is superb. It is really easy to adjust; besides, it’s one of the few options that suits for dogs of over 100 lbs. But one needs to keep in mind that it runs larger than claimed.


  • a great price/quality ratio;
  • fits very large dogs;
  • high-quality stripes and a rescue handle.


  • tends to run large.
Hengzhi Dog Life Jacket

Hengzhi Dog Life Jacket


This budget-friendly dog life jacket features a large removable shark fin and a front float in the form of shark teeth. It is made of durable waterproof nylon cloth, and its inner foam panels provide good buoyancy. It comes in 4 sizes – S through XL and fits most dogs perfectly.

What we think

The jacket is really affordable, and its overall quality is decent. The rescue handle is large and perfectly stitched. The front float is wide enough to keep your pet’s head above the water. That said, it looks a sort of bulky if compared to its counterparts.


  • affordable;
  • high-quality materials;
  • the stitching is very good.


  • it looks bulky.

Safety Tips for Shark Life Jackets

Like any gear, a dog life vest should be used correctly. Lakes and rivers are a high-risk area where carelessness can cost you life. Follow some basic safety tips to prevent accidents and protect your pup’s health and life.

  1. Let your dog get familiar with a life vest before you go swimming. Make sure the pet feels comfortable with it. Let your pup walk in the jacket for some time to get used to it.
  2. Make sure the vest is adjusted properly. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. There is a simple test: you must be able to place two fingers between the stripes on the chest/belly and the dog’s body.
  3. Don’t leave your pup alone in the water. Everything can happen: it can be injured or get hooked on something under the water. Make sure the pet is always within the field of view.
  4. Don’t use a life vest other than as intended. Sometimes, you may be tempted to attach a leash to its D-ring and walk your dog in it. Keep in mind that even the best dog life jackets are not similar to a harness: a dog can slip out of it easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some important things to consider when choosing a dog life jacket. Let’s refresh the main ideas once again. Here are the answers to the most popular buyers’ questions.

Q: Why Do Dogs Need Life Vests? Can’t They Swim?

A: Most dogs can swim; moreover; some of them are really good at swimming. But you never know what can happen. If you put on a life vest when going on a boat trip, why not put the one on your pup?

Q: How Should a Dog Life Vest Fit?

A: It must be tight enough to prevent slipping over but not too tight to constrict the dog’s movements. Ideally, you must be able to place two fingers between the vest and the dog’s body.

Q: Are Dog Life Vests Just for Boat Trips?

A: No, not really. They are recommended for all types of water activities: boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and hunting. Consider using a life vest every time you are going to spend time on water or near the water.


Verdict and Recommendations

Besides being a useful piece of equipment, a dog shark life vest can deliver a lot of fun and amusement, thanks to its cute design. We’ve reviewed five great options that are really nice to have. Our top pick in this category is Kimol life jacket with 2 layers of foam and a reinforced grab hand.

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