An electronic dog door is a smart alternative for conventional dog doors that some pet owners install in their homes in order to let their four-legged friends in and out without the need for opening the entrance door every time. Modern e-doors vary significantly in their features, construction, and design. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Picking out the best option can grow into a real challenge.

Table of Contents:

Top-5 Electronic Doors for Dogs: Our Choice
Do I Need an Electronic Dog Door?
Things to Consider When Buying an Electronic Dog Door
Frequently Asked Questions
Other Electronic Doors for Dogs to Consider
Best Electronic Door Panels for Dogs
Best Small Electronic Dog Doors
Best Smart Dog Doors

After conducting comprehensive research, we’ve compiled a ranking of the best deals in the category of electronic doors for dogs. We tried to review different options – for large and small breeds; plastic and metal; sliding and collapsible – so our top-list is rather extensive. We invite you to check it and choose a perfect e-door that fully complies with your needs.

Top-5 Electronic Doors for Dogs: Our Choice

Our five winners are the electronic dog doors that meet the needs of most pet owners. All of them have high ratings on Amazon and at other major retailers. Also, they boast a good price/quality ratio, which means you don’t overpay for the brand.


1. Our Top Pick: SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

This medium-priced electronic door provides an utmost level of security and perfect customization possibilities. It can read the data from your dog’s microchip (the implanted one) and never mistakes the wrong dog for the right one.  Another great feature is its possibility of remembering up to 32 pets simultaneously. Moreover, you can manually choose the hours when the door is locked – for example, at nighttime.


  • identification by a microchip;
  • remembers up to 32 pets;
  • the Curfew mode for a manual locking/unlocking;
  • comes in brown and white colors.
PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

2. Our Runner-Up: PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

This e-door by PetSafe leads the pack in many expert ratings, and this is not without reason. It is relatively inexpensive and comes with a ready-to-use installation kit. The door is thin and compact, which makes it almost invisible. It comes in five sizes, so it’s easy to choose the one for your pup. Being 100% waterproof, it suits for both indoor and outdoor use. With each door, you get 5 keys, which means you can sync it with up to 5 pets.


  • versatile and affordable;
  • up to 5 pets simultaneously;
  • the installation kit included;
  • suits for outdoor use.
PetSafe Big Cat Cat Flap

3. The Best Budget Pick: PetSafe Big Cat Cat Flap

This is a really budget-friendly solution for both cats and small dogs or puppies. It fits any door openings of up to two inches thick. There are four manually controlled modes: open, closed, in-only, and out-only. The door has a durable plastic frame and sleek design.


  • great value for money;
  • 4-way access;
  • sleek design;
  • high-quality materials.

4. Best Automatic Electronic Dog Door: High Tech Pet Power Electronic

This is a full-fledged vertical sliding electronic door with an array of smart features. One of them is a directional sensing system, which reacts only to a directional movement when a pet wants to go in or out. That is, if your pup is just sitting still or sleeping near the door it won’t open. Another feature is 4-way access. You can choose one of the options: locked, unlocked, in-only, and out-only. A reliable deadlock bolt prevents stray animals intruding.


  • fully automated;
  • a directional sensing system;
  • a vertically sliding construction;
  • comes in 2 sizes.
Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap

5. The Best Small Electronic Dog Door: Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap

If you have two small dogs or a small dog and a cat, this electromagnetic is a great deal. Thanks to its self-sealing construction, the unit is very easy to install. Setting up is also pretty straightforward, with a single 4-way knob. A noise reduction rim along the perimeter also serves as a barrier for dirt and moisture. The supply package includes 2 magnetic keys (for 2 pets.)


  • a great price/quality ratio;
  • a self-sealing construction;
  • a noise reduction edge;
  • 2 magnetic keys included.

Do I Need an Electronic Dog Door?

Electronic doors are primarily intended for those who let their pets walk unsupervised. This is a common situation for the pet owners living in single-family homes with a backyard patio or a fenced garden where dogs and cats are out of danger. Most e-doors have several modes: you can completely lock them if necessary (for example, at nighttime or when you stay away) or open only in one direction (in or out.) Thanks to their versatility, e-doors are sometimes used even in apartments. Some people integrate them into a window or a wall of a dog cage or kennel.

To sum it up, you need an electronic dog door if you want your dog to have freedom of movement within certain limits. Basically, this is a modern analog of a usual dog door. But it is more convenient, versatile, and safer.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electronic Dog Door

Electronic doors for dogs do not come equal. They vary greatly in their features, design, size, and, of course, price. Here are the main things to consider when you choose an e-door for your canine.

  • This characteristic is of primary importance, Some units are designed for small dog breeds or cats while others are large enough for Labradors and even Mastiffs.
  • The method of installation. Some panels are integrated into sliding doors as a temporary solution. Others need to be installed permanently in a dedicated tunnel in the wall or in the entrance door.
  • The number of pets. If you have several pets, consider how many smart keys or microchips the e-door can remember simultaneously.
  • There are two popular material types – metal and plastic. Metal doors are more durable but they are also more expensive and heavy. Plastic doors are cheap and lightweight but less robust.
  • The feature of remote control. The owners of large or 2-storeyed houses will appreciate this feature, which allows managing the smart door remotely.
  • If you are too lazy or forgetful to change the mode manually every day, buy a model with a timer and preset the time of locking and unlocking the door.
  • The type of key. Some units are supplied with their own smart keys that may be embedded in collars or come in the form of small tags that are attached to collars. Others are connected directly to dogs’ implanted microchips.
  • Access control. Make sure the unit you opt for has 2 or 4 modes. The two basic modes are “open” and “locked”. The two additional modes are “in-only” and “out-only”. Most e-doors come with a four-way access feature.
  • Directional sensing system. This is a smart system that recognizes whether the dog is really intending to go in/out or it is just passing by. In other words, the door doesn’t open without need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic dog doors appeared relatively recently, and they are still unfamiliar to many pet owners. Our FAQ section offers answers to some popular questions about e-doors. Make sure you clearly understand how these units work before choosing the best one.

Q: An Electronic Dog Door: What It Is

A: An electronic dog door is a panel that is installed in an opening in a wall or in a door and serves as a safe and convenient entrance to a pet. The main distinctive feature of an e-door if compared to a conventional dog door is better flexibility. Firstly, they offer a possibility of locking it at certain hours and the feature of remote control. Secondly, you can make a door work in only one direction when needed. Thirdly, the process can be fully automated. Finally, an e-door remembers your dog and doesn’t let other animals in and out; thus, it protects you from intruders, such as stray animals.

Q: How to Install an Electronic Dog Door?

A: It depends on the door type and construction. Some of them are integrated into an existing sliding door design. Others require a special opening in a wall or in a door. The manual for each electronic dog door is included in the packaging supply. Probably, the most difficult part of the installation is cutting an opening of the right size and shape. You may need a jigsaw to do it correctly. Once the door is installed, use foam sealant around it to prevent air leaks.

Q: How to Choose the Size of an Electronic Pet Door?

A: Size is a crucial characteristic of an e-door: if it doesn’t fit, you won’t be able to use it. Firstly, you need to measure your pup: the height and the width (from shoulder to shoulder). Make sure the opening is large enough for your pup to get through it without trouble. Secondly, measure the door or the wall where you are going to cut an opening for an e-door. Make sure it fits there.

Q: Can Electronic Doors Be Installed in Walls

A: It depends. Walls tend to be thicker than doors, so it can be a trouble to mount them properly. Moreover, sometimes, it is not permitted to destroy particular walls (for example, carrying walls) or make cuttings in them. Consult a local contractor for details.


Other Electronic Doors for Dogs to Consider

The assortment of electronic dog doors on sale is really impressive. In the beginning, we reviewed top-5 e-doors, but in fact, of course, there are more decent options to consider. Here is our expanded top-20 ranking of currently available electronic doors for dogs.

Best Electronic Door Panels for Dogs


1. High Tech Pet Medium Power Pet Sliding Glass Door

This large vertically sliding dog panel can be installed in any sliding glass door. It is perfect for tall and wide dog breeds. The feature of direction sensing minimizes the number of false responses. The door opens only when a dog really intends to pass through it.


  • compatible with all glass sliding doors;
  • a directional sensor;
  • suits for large dog breeds;

2. High Tech Pet Extra Tall Power Pet Patio Panel

Dogs of large and giant breeds can feel uncomfortable with usual dog doors. Happily, there are solutions developed specially for such pets. The Extra Tall Power panel from High Tech offers improved adjustability (it allows to adjust the height depending on the dog size) and an extra width. It is easily integrated into any glass sliding door and turns it into an automatic dog for pets. Thanks to the built-in proximity sensors, it opens only when your dog comes close to it.


  • 96 inches tall and 14 inches wide;
  • fits all sliding doors;
  • fully automatic;
  • directional proximity sensors.

3. High Tech Pet – Large Power Pet Sliding Glass Door

This is another door panel by High Tech with the same feature set as the two previously described options. The only difference is the size. The door has an adjustable height (75-77.5 inches) and a width of 14 inches. It is great for very wide or thick-coated pups.


  • 77.5 inches tall and 14 inches wide;
  • fully automatic;
  • compatible with all sliding doors;
  • directional proximity sensors.

4. NAPUPRO Large Cat Door | Small Dog Door

Those looking for a budget-friendly option must try this door panel by NAPUPRO, which is one of the cheapest options around. It has a sleek design and a standard set of features, including the 4-way access feature. A soft noise-reduction tape around the opening makes if quiet enough to use even at nighttime.


  • a low-budget solution;
  • a 4-way access feature;
  • a noise reduction cushion;
  • sleek design.

5. Ideal Pet Products E-Z Pass Electronic Pet Door

This is a reliable electronic door panel for dogs. Its mechanism of action is based on the synchronization with RFID tags attached to the dog collars. The smart door always distinguishes the “right” pets from all the rest. It can be powered by both an adapter and by rechargeable batteries.


  • suits for small through medium-sized pups up to 25 lbs;
  • electricity- or battery-powered;
  • for the doors of up to 1-3/4 inches;
  • syncs with RFID tags.

6. Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door

Besides its sleek design, this fully automatic door panel for pets offers some interesting features. This is a motor-driven door that responds special magnetic tags attached to a dog collar. Its special feature is a gravity-powered closing system. As soon as the motor stops, the door closes under the action of gravity.


  • a fully automatic panel;
  • synchronizes with magnetic tags;
  • a safe gravity-powered closing system;
  • comes in different sizes.

7. Power Pet Electronic Pet Door – Medium – PX-1

This is a large fully automatic door panel that is supplied with all the accessories included – from the power adapter to the mounting hardware. It is a great solution for weak, sick or elderly pups that have issues with opening the door by themselves. This panel is motor-driven, and it opens automatically as soon as it reads the data from the dog’s collar.


  • a large and convenient door;
  • a reliable motor;
  • all the accessories included;
  • for cats and dogs up to 30 lbs.

8. Plexidor Large Wall Mount PDE Electronic Pet Door

The wall mount panel from Plexidor is a premium solution for permanent installation. As the name implies, this panel is to be installed in a wall rather than in a sliding door. This is a fully automated motor-powered system that is connected to special tags (included) that pets wear on their collars. An anti-close system makes it safe for children and pets.


  • a panel for permanent in-wall installation;
  • safe for pets and children;
  • waterproof collar tags included;
  • robust and durable.

9. Plexidor Large Door Mount PDE Electronic Pet Door

This is another premium solution by Plexidor but this time it’s for the in-door mounting rather than in-wall installation. The door is ultra-large; it suits for dogs of up to 125 lbs. Its anti-closing safety system prevents occasional injuries: if the door meets an obstruction when closing, it is pushed up automatically. This panel comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • responds waterproof collar tags (included);
  • safe for pets and children;
  • 5-year warranty;
  • an ultra-large opening: for pets of up to 125 lbs.

10. PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert

If you have panel doors at home, this inexpensive and effective door insert by PetSafe is what you need. It is easy to install and large enough for pups of almost all breeds (up to 100 lbs.) The double-flap system prevents air leaks and protects from moisture and wind when your pet comes in.


  • for paneled doors only;
  • large and convenient;
  • easy to install;
  • a double-flap system.

Best Small Electronic Dog Doors


1. Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

Though this door is marketed as a cat flap, it suits for smaller dog breeds as well. You can insert it into any door of up to 3-3/8 inches thick. The flap offers a 4-way access feature, so you may decide at what time in what direction your pets can move. It responds to implanted microchips, so no separate collar tags are included.


  • installed in a wall or in a door of up to 3-3/8 inches thick;
  • syncs with implanted microchips;
  • for smaller dog breeds only;
  • a 4-way access feature.

2. Ani Mate Large Cat/Small Dog Electro Door

This small battery-powered pet door suits for cats and small pups, such as Yorkshire Terriers. There are two magnetic collars included (a cat-size and a dog-size) that are used to unlock the system. The unit is easy to install in a door or in a wall, and its self-lining system makes the installation even simpler.


  • powered by 9 V batteries;
  • a self-lining system;
  • a 3-year warranty;
  • 2 magnetic collars included.

3. CEESC Cat Flap Door Magnetic Pet Door

Despite being an ultra-cheap option, this pet door has much to be loved for. It is very easy to install, and all the accessories that are needed for mounting are included. The flap is mechanical; thanks to the noise-reduction tape around the opening it works quietly enough.


  • very affordable;
  • easy to mount;
  • all the accessories included;
  • a noise-reduction tape.

4. Ideal Pet Products E-Cat Electromagnetic Pet Door

This transparent electromagnetic door is a convenient and reliable option. It responds to electromagnetic keys, which means it lets through only the “right” pets. The 4-way access feature lets you control your dog’s access to the tunnel manually.


  • waterproof electromagnetic keys;
  • a transparent main panel;
  • a 4-way access feature;

Best Smart Dog Doors


1. PetSafe SmartDoor Plus Pet Door

If energy efficiency is no empty boast for you, then this smart dog entry from PetSafe is among the primary options to consider. It can be powered by an adapter or by a rechargeable battery (both options are included), and its power consumption is incredibly low. A 2-inch panel is easy to mount. The flap is locked at several points, which adds reliability. The door responds to RFID keys and supports up to 20 keys simultaneously.


  • fully programmable;
  • energy efficient;
  • up to 20 RFID keys;
  • thin and easy to install.

2. Pet Mate Cat Mate Elite Chip And Disc Superselective Cat Flap

This is a smart pet flap with an LCD display that suits for both cats and small dogs or puppies. It can sync implanted microchips or ID-disks that are worn externally. Being wind- and water-resistant, the entry suits for outdoor use.


  • easy to install, thanks to the 4-inch self-lining;
  • powered by AA batteries;
  • suits for outdoor use;
  • connects to implanted microchips or external ID tags.

3. Endura Flap Thermo Panel 2e SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Those looking for reliability and comfort will appreciate this dog door panel. It is unlocked with implanted microchips, so no external ID tags are required. The opening is large enough for pets of various sizes, and the overall construction is sturdy and reliable.


  • a reliable 4-lock system;
  • triggered with implanted microchips;
  • sturdy and durable;
  • fits any sliding doors.

4. SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

This is an affordable and extremely versatile pet entry that can be installed virtually anywhere, thanks to its thin construction. You can use it with a wide variety of electronic keys, including implanted chips. The source of power is 4 rechargeable batteries, and the consumption level is really low.


  • small, thin, and energy-efficient;
  • supports a wide range of e-keys;
  • uses rechargeable AA batteries.

5. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect without Hub

If you want to control your pets’ walks remotely, this SureFlap microchip door offers a great opportunity for you to do so. You can connect it to your smartphone and supervise your cat or dog wherever you are. It also allows to change the settings (set the curfew time) remotely.


  • controlled remotely;
  • for cats and small dogs;
  • fully programmable;
  • AA-battery-powered.

6. SureFlap Microchip DualScan Cat Flap

Last but not least in our ranking is the DualScan door from SureFlap. It is versatile and very easy to both install and use. The unit is fully programmable: it can hold in its memory up to 32 e-keys (chips) simultaneously. It is battery-powered and has a good energy efficiency level. Thanks to its thin profile, the flap is easy to install anywhere.


  • versatile and energy efficient;
  • supports up to 32 chips;
  • battery-powered;
  • easy to install and use.
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Pets need frequent access in or outside the house. However, this might be disturbing when you aren’t around often. That’s the point the electric gate for dogs comes in place. The items’ main advantage is the way they enable your pet to frequently move in or out of the house without your assistance.

Darren Pena

What’s a dog door?

Clarence Stanley

Our first choice is the Hi Tech Power door which is the best electronic dog door overall. The quiet motor powers a vertical sliding door that is activated with an MS-4 collar which is durable and accurate. One of the best features of this model is the directional sensor that opens the door only when your pup is walking directly towards it, versus when they are walking next to it or sleeping nearby. You can program the sensor in four ways; in only, out only, fully locked, or fully opened. This option is also wind and weatherproof with an airtight… Read more »

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Just how do I measure for an electronic canine door?

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