What Is a Large Cat Harness and How It Is Used

A cat harness is a part of cat training equipment, consisting of straps wrapped around the neck and the chest. Some harness types come in the form of a vest with Velcro fastenings. Also, a harness features a D-ring for attaching a leash.

Commonly, a cat harness is used to walk out a feline. But even if your cat lives indoors all the time, you still can need a harness. For example, you may need to go to a vet or travel by with your kitty. Cats are very tricky creatures, and a harness with a leash will serve as an additional escape-preventing tool.

The Best Products in the Category of Large Cat Harnesses: Our Choice

To select the best large cat harness options we’ve conducted comprehensive research. We compared over a dozen of popular products by several parameters, including size, materials, construction, adjustability, durability, and price. Our winners are five products, which are highly estimated by both real cat owners and experts.

Bond & Co. Donut-Print Hooded Cat Harness and Leash Set

Bond & Co. Donut-Print Hooded Cat Harness and Leash Set


This vest-type harness is made to control a cat gently, without causing harm or discomfort to it. It suits for large pets of up to 12 lbs. Two wide adjustable Velcros provide reliable fixation. The soft mesh lining and strong fabric are lightweight and breathable but durable. A long leash (included) is attached to a large D-ring on the back. The vest features a funny hook, which makes your kitty look really cute.

What we think

This harness is a good price/quality ratio. We love both its design and functionality. As for the hook, in our opinion, it is excessive and has a purely decorative function rather than utilitarian. Most cats hate when their heads, especially ears, are covered with something.


  • well-made and inexpensive;
  • adjustable Velcro straps;
  • a leash included;
  • comfortable for cats.


  • for cats of up to 12 pounds only;
  • the hook is excessive.

Mynwood Cat Jacket


This hand-made designer jacket boasts excellent quality and unique design. Each item is made by hand, according to your needs. A wide selection of colors and sizes, strong fabric, perfect stitching, a reinforced welded steel D-ring, and good adjustability make the vest a top x-large cat harness.

What we think

This harness is made for cats by a devoted cat lover. Each small detail here seems to be thought out. It is comfortable, convenient, and really well-made. The only small drawback, in our opinion, is dense fabric. If the weather is hot, long-haired cats will feel uncomfortable in it.


  • high quality and an affordable price;
  • all sizes and colors;
  • all sizes and colors;


  • a risk of overheating, especially for long-haired cats.
GAUTERF Dog and Cat Universal Harness

GAUTERF Dog and Cat Universal Harness


GAUTERF makes great products for the price. Its cat & dog universal harness is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Mesh fabric is soft and breathable but durable. Reflective elements provide a better security on roads. The harness is fully adjustable and comes with a leash.

What we think

This is our top choice in terms of price/quality ratio. If you choose the size correctly, you will never want anything else for your pet. Keep in mind that the size chart is not precise: the jackets tend to run large.


  • great price/quality ratio;
  • all sizes and colors;
  • soft, breathable, and lightweight.


  • tends to run large;
  • not escape-proof.
Unihubys Cat Harness with Leash

Unihubys Cat Harness with Leash


This is a classic nylon harness for cats – durable and lightweight. It comes in two sizes; both of them are fully adjustable. Safe plastic buckles are easy to fasten and unfasten. A long 48-inch leash is included.

What we think

We love both funny bee design and functionality of the harness. It is affordable, lightweight, and easy to put on and take off. That said, it is not completely escape-proof: stubborn cats slip out of it if they want to.


  • cheap and lightweight;
  • easy to adjust;
  • a long leash included.


  • not escape-proof.
Dog and Cat Universal Harness with Traction Rope by Rosestola

Dog and Cat Universal Harness with Traction Rope by Rosestola


This is one of the cheapest large cat harness and leash sets around. That said, it is made pretty well, from high-quality materials. The XL option fits both large cats and small dogs. Mesh polyester is breathable and lightweight. Reflective elements improve visibility.

What we think

If your cat is calm or well-trained, this vest will be an amazing option. Tricky pets escape from it quite easily, despite the adjustable straps with strong plastic buckles. Also, it tends to run large.


  • breathable mesh material;
  • a double D-ring;
  • reflective elements.


  • cats can slip out of it;
  • tends to run large.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good harness should be reliable, easy to adjust and escape-proof. But it also should not cause discomfort to a pet. That is why it is crucial to choose the right harness and to use it correctly. Here are the answers to some popular questions of cat owners.

Q: What Size Harness Suits for a Large Cat?

A: The best way to choose the right size is to measure your cat’s chest and neck girth and then use a size chart of the manufacturer to select a harness. Commonly, large harness size starts from the neck girth of 10-12 inches and chest girth of 18 inches and above.

Q: Can You Use A Regular Large Cat Harness?

A: You can use any harness that fits your cat but it’s not recommended to use a regular collar instead of a harness. If a leash is attached to a collar, a cat can choke. Regardless of the harness size, the D-ring for a leash should be placed on the back strap.

Q: How to Put on a Large Cat Harness?

A: Basically, a harness consists of two loops. To put it on slip a smaller loop over the cat’s head. After that, wrap the previously unbuckled larger loop around the chest and buckle it. Then adjust the tightness of both loops.

Q: Is Harness for Cats different from that of Dogs?

A:Actually, there’s not much difference between cat and dog harnesses in terms of their construction. Of course, cat harnesses are smaller, though some of them fit on small and tiny dog breeds perfectly well. With that being said, one needs to keep in mind that cats are very tricky and prone to escape. If your cat is not harness-trained, you’d better start with a jacket, not a V- or H-style lead, as the latter ones are not escape-proof.

Q: Can my cat get out of the cat harness?

A: Cats are agile and nimble creatures. They can easily get out of almost any harness when resisting it. However, choosing an escape-proof harness, you are leaving no way for your cat to break out. As a rule, such harnesses are made of soft mesh fabric not to overheat or suffocate the animal. They feature easy-to-secure Velcro due to which it is easy to put on and fasten the harness on the cat. Besides, with a good escape-proof harness, the whole pressure doesn't fall on the animal's gentle neck as if he was wearing a collar with a leash. And what's more important, be cautious to choose the right size of the harness. If it fits loose on the cat, the animal will easily back out of it.


Verdict and Recommendations

We’ve reviewed five large and extra-large cat harness options. While all of them are worthy of a closer look, our top choice in terms of price/quality ratio is GAUTERF Dog and Cat Universal Harness. At a price of slightly over 15 dollars, you get high-quality cat gear, which comes in a variety of sizes and colors. You will easily choose the right size for a large cat, but keep in mind that the size chart is not too precise.




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Jeremiah Cox

A cat harness is an excellent way to keep your cat safe and under your control. While this may seem to go against their very nature, it is for their own safety when going on a walk or into an unfamiliar or busy environment. Nothing could be more tragic than a fleeing pet running into traffic or into an environment where you may not be able to easily get them back.

Ella King

How to measure my Cat for a Harness?

Maureen Wheeler

Using a cat harness can be a safe and enriching way to take your cat on outdoor adventures. Once leash-trained, a cat can benefit from exploring new sights, smells, and terrains. Some owners also prefer using a harness for traveling with their cat rather than carrying the cat inside a carrier.

Liam Berry

The Kitty Holster Cat Harness secures around your cat’s chest and stomach for a nearly escape-proof vest that will let you take him on your walks worry-free. Because cats are such a curious bunch, plastic buckles look like a target for your cat and after fiddling, they can often figure out how to open it. A good Velcro strap secured snugly to your cat’s chest, though, will be virtually seamless, less noticeable and much more difficult for your kitty to escape.

Ethan Palmer

The best escape proof cat harness will be designed to fit snugly so that your cat cannot simply back out and escape. The method of fastening should be also strong and of good quality.Many harnesses for cats are secured with wide velcro straps, while others use plastic clips and buckles. Some harnesses may use a combination of the above. Either of these are good options, so long as they are well-made and durable.

Nathaniel Richardson

While a great harness keeps your cat safe, an inferior one will either leave them miserably uncomfortable or allow them to escape. You want to be sure that the harness fits your cat well, allowing room to breathe and move, but is also fitted enough to provide security and safety. That’s why it’s so important to choose a great harness that’s well matched to your cat’s temperament and lifestyle.

Joy Bradley

How Tight Should The Harness Be?

Leroy Murray

Harnesses are particularly important because it’s generally considered unsafe to attach a leash directly to a cat’s collar. Unlike dogs, cats have soft throats and can choke if walked this way. The first step is understanding the two basic styles on the market: leads, which comprise a few straps attached to a leash, and vests, which are like little pieces of clothing for cats. A standard lead fits around the cat’s neck and back to evenly distribute pressure. Similar to dog harnesses, these come in varying sizes for adult cats and kittens.

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