CatsIndoor cats love spending time outdoors just like all other pets. But taking your lovely kitty even a step out of your house might mean losing him forever! The moment he runs away your chances of chasing him and bringing back home are miserable. Putting a cat harness on your pet is the only way to ensure he is safe and by your side in exploring the surroundings. If you can’t orientate which model will best suit your kitty, we suggest Puppia Holster harness. To find out more about this wonderful invention, keep reading this informative article created especially for you and millions of other cat owners.

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What is Puppia Holster Cat Harness?
Comparison Chart
1. Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck Detailed Review
Unpacking Puppia RiteFit Harness
Can You Use a Regular Puppia Holster Cat Harness?
What Size Puppia Harness for Cat?
How to Put on Puppia Cat Harness?
How to Measure a Cat for a Puppia Harness?

What is Puppia Holster Cat Harness?

Taking your indoor cat outdoors demands extreme caution. If you fail to watch out your pet for a while, you risk never seeing him again. Cats are very flexible and quick when it comes to gaining their freedom even if they are in tight harnesses. Puppia cat harness, yet, is designed to perfectly fit a pet’s body not letting him any opportunity to escape. Initially designed for dogs, this model, yet is ideal for cats, too. It suits cats far better than those harnesses which were created especially for cats. Due to the neck adjustability and the chest belt, you can regulate the model to your pet’s body form and size.

How do you put a harness on a cat?

A classic cat harness consists of two loops that are connected with a straight strap or a ring. To put it on a cat hold the harness at the ring or strap, letting the two loops hang freely. Hold the cat with another hand. Quickly slip the pet’s head through a small loop (it is not unbuckled). After that, wrap a large loop around the cat’s chest and buckle it. That’s all – you’ve done it! Now you can attach a leash and start harness training.

How do you train a cat to walk on a harness?

Domestic cats seem to feel quite content enjoying the view opening from the window. However, the moment you put a harness and a leash on your feline, he will transform into a naughty little tiger. To teach your pet to walk with a harness, follow these several steps: find the right harness to fit the size of the animal perfectly; introduce the harness to your cat slowly by letting him sniff and play with it, don’t forget to give him treats to associate the harness with tasty treats; put the harness on your cat and let him walk in the house freely with no lash on; size the vest properly (it must be neither snug not too tight); attach the leash and practice leash walking at home; choose a safe and familiar location for the first outdoor adventure with the harness on; be ready to bring your cat home if anything unexpected happens during the walk; sit your feline down on the ground to let him roll in the grass, climb a tree (not too high) and do all the things he can’t at home; end the first adventure soon to leave your cat wanting for more.

Comparison Chart

Best Choice
Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck review
Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck
  • Size: Small, medium, large, x-large
  • Material: Air-mesh material
  • Color options: Beige, black, camo, green, pink, purple, red, royal blue, sky blue
  • Adjustment: Quick-release buckles, hook straps

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Crazy K Farms Kitty Holster
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  • Adjustment: Velcro strips

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  • Adjustment: Two quick-snap buckles, four straps

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Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck

Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck Detailed Review


The harness by Puppia is a wonderful model for dogs and cats. Made of breathable mesh material, it helps the skin of the animal breathe freely. Air and moisture flow through the water-repellent harness leaving the pet’s skin dry and healthy.

There are 2 double-coated D-rings on the back of the model designed to provide versatility when attaching a leash. Mind that the latter does not come with the harness. Putting the over-the-head style harness on a cat is a matter of seconds. It features quick-release buckles which are very easy to fasten. Your pet won’t even notice how you handle it all.

What we think

Puppia harness is an amazing model that suits cats and small dogs equally well. Available in a myriad of colors, the vest looks awesome! Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric it’s sewn of, the harness feels very soft and comfortable. Besides, it is water-repellent. Even if your kitty stays outdoors in heavy rain, the harness won’t absorb any water for long. It will quickly dry out and your pet will feel comfortable.

The adjustable straps in the neck and chest areas are intended to make the vest fit the pet’s body perfectly. He will neither be able to escape it nor feel uncomfortable because of the tight fit.

This product has several advantages. However, there is something customers complain of the most – inaccurate sizing. The fit doe not just work well and the harness appears to be bigger than necessary. Therefore, when ordering the model, it’s important to provide the dealers with the precise measures of your pet.


  • Diversity of colors available
  • 2 double-coated D-rings
  • Chest and neck adjustment points
  • Breathable water-repellent mesh material
  • Quick-release buckles


  • Runs big

Unpacking Puppia RiteFit Harness

Ordering Puppia RiteFit harness, you will get a small parcel. The size is 7 x 6 x 1 inches and the weight is 2.4 ounces. The package includes only the harness with a rubber Pappia label, adjustable chest belt, neck buckles, hook and loop fastener. The leash should be purchased separately. You can always find a high-quality leash by Puppia in a matching color to order separately.

Can You Use a Regular Puppia Holster Cat Harness?

Puppia Holster harness was first created for dogs of small to medium sizes. However, it can efficiently be used on cats, too, due to the design and the excellent fit it has. Even those harnesses which were designed specifically for cats, don’t fit nearly as well as this model by Puppia. The latter is a combination of the right amount of fabric, excellent craftsmanship and smart design. It has just the exact coverage to ensure a secure fit yet not feel bulky. From the other side, a cat can’t wriggle out of it.
So, Puppia RiteFit harness is the right model for almost all cats.

What Size Puppia Harness for Cat?

If a cat harness isn’t of the right size your pet won’t feel comfortable. When people review Puppia cat harness they state how important it is to choose the right size. A cat can easily squeeze out of a too big harness, while a small one can restrict his movements and cause discomfort. Puppia RiteFit is a one-of-a-kind harness due to the adjustable buckles located at the shoulder. They ensure a snug fit for cats in-between sizes.

How to Put on Puppia Cat Harness?

If it’s the first time you are going to put a harness on your cat, it’s important to show a correct approach. Give your pet some time to get used to it. You’d better introduce the new “outfit” to your pet gradually. Give him the harness to smell, leave it in the visible place so that the cat approaches and touches it, reward him with a treat after putting on the harness for the first several times. Release the buckles and put the harness over the head of your cat, adjust the straps and fasten the buckles accurately (about one finger should be left loose). After adjusting the harness once, it can be easily removed and used again without additional adjustments.

How to Measure a Cat for a Puppia Harness?

Accurate sizing is very important when picking up a Puppia RightFit harness for your little kitty. First, you should measure your cat’s neck. For this, measure the base of his neck (where the collar will sit). This will be a bit above his shoulder bone). Then measure the chest of your cat. Measure around the broadest chest part which will be around an inch behind the front legs.


Beyond any consideration, the best cat harness in the modern market is the Puppia RiteFit model. Made of premium quality materials, this harness ensures a comfortable fit and long service. Thanks to the neck and chest adjustment points, as well as the side buckles, this harness is sure to neatly fit your pet. Order this model at a sensible price and help your cat explore this wonderful world safely and comfortably.

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Kelly Evans

Kitty Holster’s award-winning cat harness sets the bar high. It’s super easy to secure around your cat and allows for plenty of movement. A super soft and breathable lining combines with two fuzzy velcro fasteners to make for a far less stressful experience for your cat. The harness itself is machine washable, and the cotton lining avoids the use of any dyes that could irritate your cat’s skin. Available in a selection of charming colors and sizes extra small through extra large, there’s definitely an option that’ll suit you and your cat. We adore this harness and sincerely hope your… Read more »

Leta Ford

Selecting the purrfect harness is an important part of equipping your adventure cat for the great outdoors. A well-fitting harness will keep your kitty safe and comfortable when walking, hiking and participating in other outdoor recreation on a leash. The first step is understanding the two basic styles on the market: leads, which comprise a few straps attached to a leash, and vests, which are like little pieces of clothing for cats.A standard lead fits around the cat’s neck and back to evenly distribute pressure.Similar to dog harnesses, these come in varying sizes for adult cats and kittens.

Mason Weaver

The PupTeck Adjustable Cat Harness offers durability and security. Generally speaking, cat harnesses tend to be more affordable than dog harnesses because they are limited to smaller sizes. Even so, if you only need a cat harness for occasional trips to the vet or for indoor training, you may not want to spend a lot. Our top pick for the best budget cat harness is the PupTeck Adjustable Cat Harness.

April Watson

Puppia Authentic though this is another option geared toward dogs, cat owners love this Puppia harness for their adventurous kitties. Made from high-quality, breathable mesh, this harness is adjustable around the neck and chest. It’s available in a variety of colors, but as with most vest-style harnesses, you’ll need to purchase a leash separately.

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