About Natural Cat Dewormers

With the help of pet dewormers, the intestine can be cleaned from worms and their eggs. Such remedy is usually applied in case of infestation, or to prevent it.

What Is A Natural Cat Dewormer?

Many people ask “How often can I give my cat dewormer?”A natural cat dewormer is a remedy that contains organic components only – no chemical compounds, so it can be used on a daily basis for weeks. This is a way out when an animal is sensitive to the ingredients of usual dewormers, or when a small kitten needs treatment. The main advantages of natural dewormers include:

  • They don’t cause an allergic reaction in cats;
  • They can be given to kittens;
  • They can be used on a long-term basis, as well as for prevention.

How Effective Are All Natural Cat Dewormers?

When it comes to the efficiency of a natural dewormer, it differs from one case to another. Even a might appear to be useless if you select the wrong medication. There are 4 main types of intestinal parasites in cats, and each of them is treated by different medications.

Natural cat dewormers prove to be useful for prevention and in cases when an infestation has only started. For serious cases, and when several parasites have affected a cat, you might need something stronger. Ideally, a natural cat dewormer should be combined with other specific drugs, if the pet can tolerate such treatment.

“How do I know cat dewormer is working?” is another popular question from pet owners. If you see the symptoms of infestation (weight loss, vomit, anemia, worms in feces) diminishing, the remedy is working.

How do you clean your house after a cat has roundworms?

People can catch roundworms from an infected cat. That is why it is crucial to take appropriate measures if your cat has an infection. Once you’ve provided the right treatment to your feline, clean up the floor with a dilute bleach solution. Empty the litter box every day and wash it with a sanitizer. Don’t forget to wash your hands every time after touching the cat or the litter box or wear disposable gloves when you need to take the litter box. Finally, try not to touch the soil outside your home with bare hands, and if you do – just don’t touch your face.

What are the Natural remedies for the treatment and prevention of worms?

If you want to treat or prevent worms in your lovely pet without using a medication, use one of the following natural products: pumpkin seeds – fed whole or add ground into your pet’s meal; coconut – sprinkle 1tsp dry coconut to your cat’s food; apple cider vinegar – add 1/4 tsp of raw organic vinegar to the animal’s water daily. All these products are good, yet they aren’t as effective as Natural cat dewormers that combine all the benefits every natural product has.

Compare the best Natural Cat Dewormers

Best Choice
Clear Max Dogs and Cats review
Clear Max Dogs and Cats
  • Contents: 100% Herbal extracts
  • Types of parasites treated: Tapeworm, Roundworm, Whipworm, Hookworm, and Nematode
  • Suitable for all ages: yes
  • Volume: 2 OZ

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Also great
NaturPet D Wormer review
NaturPet D Wormer
  • Contents: 100% Herbal extracts
  • Types of parasites treated: Not specified
  • Suitable for all ages: yes
  • Volume: 3.3 OZ

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Also great
PawLab DEW0RMER for Dogs & Cats review
PawLab DEW0RMER for Dogs & Cats
  • Contents: 100% Herbal extracts
  • Types of parasites treated: Tapeworm, Whipworm, Hookworm and other parasites
  • Suitable for all ages: yes
  • Volume: 2 OZ

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Also great
NHV Milk Thistle review
NHV Milk Thistle
  • Contents: Thistle extract + glycerin
  • Types of parasites treated: Does NOT treat against parasites
  • Suitable for all ages: Only adults, contraindicated for pregnant cats
  • Volume: 3.4 OZ

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TOP7 Natural Cat Dewormers

We have reviewed the best natural products and checked their efficiency, safety, and contents.

Clear Max Dogs and Cats

Clear Max Dogs and Cats – Natural Treatment from Tapeworm Dewormer Roundworm, Whipworm, Hookworm, and Nematode


This is a versatile remedy against helminths in cats and dogs. One bottle contains 1200 drops and is usually enough for the entire treatment course. Clear Max is a 100% organic remedy that contains extracts of pumpkin seed, cardamom, pomegranate, wormwood, ginger, cramp bark, black pepper, clove bud, and black walnut. It’s very efficient and doesn’t cause side effects.

Our opinion

This top rated natural cat dewormer is absolutely worth its cost judging by reviews. Optimal for kittens and puppies.


  • 100% organic;
  • For all ages;
  • For different types of parasites;
  • Optimal price/quality ratio.


  • Not revealed so far.
NaturPet D Wormer

NaturPet D Wormer | 100% Natural, Safe, Effective Dewormer for Cats | 3.3 oz Liquid Herbal Dewormer


This is a 100% herbal product that’s also easy to use. NaturPet is made of Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, Black Seed, Sage Leaf, Fennel Seed, and Papaya Leaf.  The drops can be simply added to cat’s food – they don’t smell bad. It can be given to kittens and puppies.

Our opinion

Before buying this product, contact the seller: it’s not clear which types of worms the product is intended to treat.


  • All-natural contents;
  • Suitable for cats of all ages;
  • Relieves intestinal symptoms;
  • Easy to use.


  • Not efficient against tap worms and ringworms.
PawLab DEW0RMER for Dogs & Cats

PawLab DEW0RMER for Dogs & Cats (2 OZ) – Treat & Prevent


One more natural cat dewormer made of herbal extracts, PawLab contains black walnut, orange peel, clove bud, wormwood, marshmallow root, and chamomile. It kills 3 types of worms and can be used for cats and dogs of all ages. You can add it to water or drop right to cat’s mouth, though the taste is specific.

Our opinion

The product is somewhat expensive though it doesn’t seem to have better qualities than all the rest of the dewormers.


  • 100% organic;
  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages.


  • Beware of fake production – some sellers offer the counterfeit drops that do not work.
HomeoPet Worm Clear

HomeoPet Worm Clear, 15 ml


This natural remedy is far from being called 100% organic since it contains naphthaline. However, the product works pretty quickly. The positive results will be observed in 3 days, while one week is enough to get rid of parasites completely. The taste isn’t bad – drops can be put in pet’s mouth or added to food and water. It works well against hook round and tapeworms.

Our opinion

Judging by natural cat dewormer reviews, the drops work well, but should be given cautiously because some cats get sick after treatment.


  • Efficient gives fast results.


  • Not 100% organic contents;
  • Might cause side effects in pregnant and nursing cats and their kittens.
NHV Milk Thistle

NHV Milk Thistle – Support for Liver Disease, Liver and Kidney Detox


If a cat suffers from intestinal symptoms, consider buying this product. It’s not a dewormer, but should rather be used in combination with one. Especially recommended for cats suffering from severe worm infestations. Containing the extract of holy thistle, it will help to restore kidney and liver health, and reduce intestinal symptoms.

Our opinion

A great addition to the basic treatment, but the extract is too expensive.


  • Reduces symptoms of infestations and helps cats to recover quicker;
  • Natural formula.


  • Very expensive;
  • Does not treat worms.

NaturPet Intesti Care for Dogs & Cats | Natural Alternative to Chemical Dewormers | Promotes a Healthy intestinal Tract Free of parasites and Worms | Contains Diatomaceous Earth


As we know, the best treatment is prevention. This tasteless powder by NaturPet is a natural alternative for chemical deworming drugs. It contains well-known natural ingredients that help to keep the digestive tract clean and healthy. The powder is easily mixed with food or water and absorbs its taste and flavor. Suits for treating dogs and cats.

What we think

Like all natural dewormers, this NaturPet product has its pros and cons. On the plus side, it is safe, inexpensive, and effective against all types of parasites. On the minus side, its effectiveness is still relatively low if compared to chemical medications and it must be administered regularly (every day for 2 weeks or so) for visible results.


  • easy to administer;
  • safe for health;
  • works against all types of worms;
  • neutral taste and odor.


  • needs to be administered regularly;
  • not very effective.

New Roots Herbal – Wormwood, 100 capsules – 270 mg per Capsule Vermifuge


Wormwood is a plant widely known for its anti-parasitic and anti-microbial effects. Wormwood by New Roots Herbal comes in a convenient form of capsules. It is intended for humans; however, it can be used for the treatment of pets as well. The capsules can be hidden in food or milk, as cats and dogs can refuse to eat it because of its bitter taste.

What we think

Wormwood is a powerful natural dewormer. It effectively excels most parasites without causing harm to their host. However, it is not tasty, even if you use attractants. That is why, treating pets with wormwood capsules can become a problem.


  • excels all types of worms;
  • safe for cats, dogs, and humans;
  • doesn’t cause side effects;
  • has a long shelf life.


  • it is bitter;
  • capsules are not convenient for treating cats and dogs.

Conclusion & Our Recommendations

So, what is the best cat dewormer? The safer its formula, the better. Treatment of severe worm infestations might be a long process when you use organic remedies, so it must be a safe product. For some $15-20, you can find a decent solution. For example, Clear Max Dogs and Cats and PawLab Dewormer have proved to be efficient against many types of parasites. If you have some $50 to spare, you can add NHV Milk Thistle to cat’s treatment. It will help your cat relieve the symptoms and recover faster.





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Mattie Lynch

I have used WrmClr several times for my cat and it’s amazingly effective, and without side effects. I have used several HomeoPet products over several years and have been astounded at the wonderful results I’ve attained. The Customer Care line has been wonderfully helpful, as well, as I’m not a homeopath so have questions sometimes. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their products.

Herbert Gutierrez

How often should I deworm my cat?

Mason Montgomery

Worms are a very common problem in cats. Symptoms your cat may display that she has worms are vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea. There are many over the counter deworming medications for cats, but many pet owners prefer natural remedies that are less expensive, safer and just as effective.

Stacy Wheeler

Naturpet D Wormer For tapeworms and roundworms, plus other parasites. Made from a blend of wormwood, black walnut, black seed, fennel seed, sage leaf, and papaya leaf. For those seeking a natural dewormer, this product offers a combination of traditional herbs that have been used historically for antifungal purposes, to expel parasites, and in healing the digestive tract. It includes a dropper to make it easy to incorporate the correct dose into your cat’s food.

Connor Hayes

I was very sceptical when I purchased WRM Clear. I was sure it wouldn’t work but I wanted to give it a try as I hated giving my small cat any harsh chemicals. I was so thrilled to find that it worked great!! I put it on the cat’s food as directed. She never suspected a thing.

Carla Brewer

Can a cat die from having worms?

Kirk Bryant

What to expect after deworming a cat?

Jeremiah Brown

In most cases, parasite infestations cause nothing more than mild to moderate digestive symptoms, but a heavy infestation can lead to weight loss, difficulty breathing, , and even malnutrition – especially in kittens. Fortunately, treating your cat for worms is easy and shouldn’t require much more than an over-the-counter dewormer. Dewormers for cats come in a variety of different formulas for cats of different ages and to treat different types of parasites.

Jonathan Russell

There is a huge range of worming products available to treat infected cats and help prevent an infestation. These are targeted towards different types of worms and for different types of application, oral products such as worm tablets, pastes, powders, or syrups, and spot-on drops that are placed on the neck near the base of the skull.

Elijah Campbell

How do I know if my cat’s worms are gone?

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