What is a Pink Dog Life Jacket and Where It is Used

A dog life jacket has much in common with a safety vest for humans. It is made of durable waterproof materials, such as polyester or neoprene and features adjustable stripes with fastenings around the neck and the stomach. Good life vests are lightweight and fit the dog’s body perfectly. They also feature a handle on the back, which helps you to catch your pup and pull it out of the water.
Safety vests should be used every time you travel by water with your pup. No matter whether you go swimming, fishing, or kayaking – you should think about your dog’s protection. An additional advantage of pink jackets is their bright color, which, in combination with reflective strips, makes your pet visible in any conditions.

The Best Pink Dog Life Jackets: a Comparative Chart




Type of fastenings

Reflective elements



HAOCOO Dog Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZONPolyester, mesh fabric, pearl cotton foamS-LBelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesReflective stripes+N/A
Vivaglory Dog Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZON420 D Oxford cloth, polyester, cotton foamXS-XLBelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesReflective stripes+90 days
Premium Neoprene Dog Life Jackets by VivagloryBUY NOW AMAZONNeoprene XS-XLBelly Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesUnique reflective elements+90 days
Outward Hound Granby Dog Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZONRipstop nylon + neopreneXS-XLBelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesThin reflective stripes2 handles1 month
Casakiya Shark Dog Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZONStrong fabric + EPE foamXS-XXLBelly and chest Velcro + stripes with quick-release bucklesThree reflective stripes+N/A

The Best Products in the Category of Pink Dog Life Jackets: Our Choice

If you are looking for a pink dog life jacket for your canine, we invite you to have a deeper look at five great options in this category. Our list of top-five pink safety vests includes high-quality dog gear from recognized brands. Read their brief reviews for details.

HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket

HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket


This cute vest is made of durable waterproof materials: polyester, mesh fabric, and pearl cotton foam. The suit is exceptionally lightweight and easy to put on and take off, thanks to the adjustable stripes and Velcro fastenings. The jacket features a convenient handle and a hook for the leash attachment.

What we think

We love both cute mermaid design and excellent functionality of this jacket. The stripes seem to be quite strong and durable. Many customers report on a single problem: the vest tends to cut smaller than stated. If you are not sure what size to choose, opt for the bigger one.


  • lightweight and durable;
  • high-quality fastenings;
  • looks cute.


  • cuts smaller than stated.
Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket

Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket


This bright life jacket is the top choice of many dog owners. It comes in 5 different sizes, and thanks to its adjustable stripes and wide Velcro fastenings, it fits dogs of all breeds and sized perfectly. Thanks to three points of contact (the chest and 2 points across the stomach), the dog’s weight is evenly distributed, and the pet doesn’t feel any discomfort even when you pull it out of the water.

What we think

This is a universal all-in-one jacket, which lets a dog feel comfortable both in and out of the water. The handle is very strong and durable. The cushioned underbelly straps are soft and comfortable. At the same time, there are complaints about an average quality of Velcro fastenings.


  • a wide range of sizes available;
  • cushioned belly straps;
  • a strong handle and a D-ring for the leash attachment;
  • high-quality materials.


  • the quality of Velcro fastenings is average.
Premium Neoprene Dog Life Jackets by Vivaglory

Premium Neoprene Dog Life Jackets by Vivaglory


This is a premium series of dog life jackets from the same brand Vivaglory. The distinctive features of these vests are additional inner flotation layers and an innovative neoprene material used. The jackets are extra-light, comfortable, and durable. Excellent buoyancy makes it perfect for all breeds.

What we think

This premium jacket is pricier than the basic option from Vivaglory. It is worthy of consideration if you are seeking for a superb buoyancy and comfort. Like all Vivaglory dog life jackets, it comes with a 90-day warranty.


  • premium materials;
  • extra layers of flotation materials;
  • soft and comfortable;
  • 5 sizes available.


  • it is expensive.
Outward Hound Granby Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound Granby Dog Life Jacket


The distinctive feature of this bright jacket is its mixed nylon + neoprene texture. It makes the vest affordable, durable, and comfortable at the same time. A neck float helps a pup keep its head above the water surface all the time. Two handles instead of one let distribute the body weight of the dog more evenly.

What we think

Despite thick foam panels, the jacket doesn’t look or feel bulky. It is very lightweight and comfortable. Dual handles are great. Keep in mind, however, that it tends to cut small.


  • affordable, comfortable, and durable;
  • two rescue handles;
  • a secure neck float;
  • very lightweight.


  • it cuts small.
Casakiya Shark Dog Life Jacket

Casakiya Shark Dog Life Jacket


This safety vest has an unusual “shark” design with a cute fin on the back. Two layers of high-great EPE foam provide perfect buoyancy. The jacket comes in six different sizes and suits for pups of almost all breeds.

What we think

Put the shark fin aside, this is a usual safety vest with traditional adjustable straps and Velcro fastenings around the belly and the neck. Its overall quality is decent, except for the rescue handle, which looks poorly sewed.


  • nice design;
  • six sizes available;
  • high-grade materials;
  • easy to put on and take off.


  • the rescue handle could be better.

Safety Tips for Pink Life Jackets

A dog life jacket can literally save your pup’s life if it is used correctly. An improper approach, on the contrary, can result in dangerous and life-threatening situations. Follow some basic recommendations to make the most of a dog life jacket.

  1. Start slowly. Let your canine get used to the jacket before you take it to a lake or a river. The pup must not be frightened with the vest, and it must feel comfortable in it.
  2. Double-check all the fastenings before you put your dog into the water. The vest must perfectly fit the pup’s body, and all the fastenings must be properly secured. Also, for the sake of safety, chose bright colors of a dog life jacket: pink, red, orange will do best.
  3. Don’t use it instead of a dog harness. Most safely vests feature a D-ring for a leash, but they are not intended for walking a dog. And never, never tie a dog to a boat when on the water! If it suddenly jumps to the water, the boat can turn over, and the pet simply won’t be able to get out.
  4. Don’t leave your dog swimming unsupervised. No matter if your pup is a good swimmer or not. Any water pool is a high-risk area, and letting a dog swim alone is dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have little or no experience in the sphere of water trips with a dog, you, probably, have many questions. You want to know when and where you need to use a dog life vest and why. Also, you need to understand how to choose a life jacket correctly.

Q: Why Do Dogs Need Life Vests? Can’t They Swim?

A: Most dogs can swim, and many of them swim very well. But water can hide a lot of dangers. Hidden underflows, sawyers, and even some types of fish pose a danger for a swimming dog. Also, a pup can suffer from a sudden spasm (just like a human), especially if the water is cold. Finally, it can get tired or frightened. That is why a dog life jacket is a must.

Q: How Should a Dog Life Vest Fit?

A: Ideally, a dog life vest should be tight enough to hold the pet reliable in case of emergency but comfortable enough for it to move freely. You must be able to place two fingers between the jacket and the dog’s body. Also, your pup must be able to walk, sit, and jump in the jacket.

Q: Are Dog Life Vests Just for Boat Trips?

A: Not really. It’s recommended to use a dog life vest every time you are going t spend time on water or near water. They are for swimming, bathing, fishing, kayaking, and other types of activities.


Verdict and Recommendations

Bright pink dog life jackets not just look great; they also improve a visibility. No surprise they are chosen by many dog owners. Happily, there are a lot of cute models to choose from. while many of them are really great, our top choice is a premium neoprene dog life jacket by Vivaglory. It is slightly more expensive than similar options made of cheaper materials, but it is worthy of it.

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