Hold Your Pet’s Nails Gently Yet FirmlyDespite being quite a tiresome and often frightening process for dogs, trimming nails is mandatory. Well trimmed nails are a pledge of health for a pet. And if outdoor dogs have their nails naturally worn down when they run on asphalt or other hard surfaces, indoor dogs are deprived of such an opportunity. Depending on the breed, an indoor dog needs nail trimming every month or even week. Taking your four-legged friend to a professional might be not convenient since they charge high prices and far not all dogs feel at ease with strangers. Not to expose your dear pet to stress, you can organize cutting your dog’s nails at home. In this article, we are going to explain how to use dog nail clippers, what conditions you should create to calm your pet, and how the trimming should be implemented.

Table of Contents:

The Stuff You Need
Before Starting Trimming
How You Can Trim a Dog's Nails

The Stuff You Need

Dog nail clippers are the tool necessary for trimming your dog’s nails quickly and painlessly. Available in different styles (scissors, pliers, and guillotines), it can cut any nails irrespective of the thickness or length. Just make certain the blades are sharp.
It is a great idea to have some treats with you so that your pet gets a reward every time he allows you to trim a nail. This way he will associate this process with something tasty and pleasant. Overall, you should be very patient. Give your pet time to get used to the tool and the feelings of having his nails trimmed.

Before Starting Trimming

Quite many dogs have sensitive legs and won’t let you touch or press them to cut the nails. To avoid such kind of problems, it’s better to get your dog used to cutting when he is a puppy yet. Touch your pet’s legs and press on his toes often so that he doesn’t feel any discomfort afterward.
So that your dog lies still while you are trimming his nails, make sure he is tired. He can have a good run or an hour of exercising, for instance.
In case your pet is a heavy one, call someone he is used to, to hold him down in place.
These are minor tips yet they are very crucial.

How You Can Trim a Dog’s Nails

Now, when you have prepared everything necessary and know how to behave with your pet, it’s time to learn how to trim your dog’s nails. Follow the following few steps and you will be a success:

Cutting Black Nails

  1. Take your pet’s first toe gently yet firmly. Hold dog nail clippers at a small angle parallel to the nail’s natural curve. Cut little by little at first.
  2. As you go deeper, it’s important not to harm the dog’s quick. The latter is the nerve of the soft cuticle a dog’s nail is comprised of. Rich with blood vessels, the quick will bleed and cause pain if harmed. To avoid this, you should cut your pet’s nails by small parts until you reach the nail-colored circle. Once you reach it, do never go further but pass on to the next nail. If your dog has dark nails and you can’t see the quick, you’d better use special nail clippers equipped with a light.
  3. However, if you have accidentally cut a quick, hurry to stop the bleeding with corn starch or styptic powder. Press the nail slightly when pouring the powder until the bleeding stops. If it doesn’t, contact a vet.
  4. After you have trimmed all nails, use an emery board to smooth the edges.

This is the simplest and at the same time the best way to trim your dog’s nails. Adhere to these plain instructions, show patience and love during the process, and your dog won’t mind having his nails manicured.

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