Why do you need the easyology cat litter mat?

The cat mat can perform several functions. This is not only a tray mat, but also:

  • rug for a carrying container;
  • stand for plates for food and water;
  • scratching mat.

It’s best when the mat is versatile. When choosing one, it is worth focusing on its size and material. Some people care about color, because such a product is mainly placed in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Most manufacturers make rugs in neutral colours, although you can find blue or yellow options, too. Also, the material should be easy to clean. This will allow to wash the mat or wipe it with a damp cloth.

Here are some tips on how to choose a mat for your cat:

  1. Decide in advance for what purpose you are buying a mat.
  2. Choose a size that fits the tray or plates. It is preferable that it is roomy enough. In this case, the cat will fit on the rug.
  3. The mat should suit the design of your room in both color and shape.

Next, let’s consider the top-4 best cat litter mat options, one of which will definitely meet your needs. They have proven their worth and have many positive reviews in online stores. Therefore, we decided to submit them for this review.

Comparison chart of the selected cat litter mats by Easyology

Best Choice
Premium Large Cat Litter Mat 35 x 23 review
Premium Large Cat Litter Mat 35 x 23
  • Size, inches: 35 x 23
  • Material: PVC
  • Shape: Square
  • Easy to clean: Yes

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Also great
Jumbo Litter Mat 47 x 36 Cat Litter Mat review
Jumbo Litter Mat 47 x 36 Cat Litter Mat
  • Size, inches: 47 x 36
  • Material: PVC
  • Shape: Square
  • Easy to clean: Yes

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Also great
Corner Litter Mat, Cat Litter Mat review
Corner Litter Mat, Cat Litter Mat
  • Size, inches: 30 x 30
  • Material: Plastic + PVC
  • Shape: Triangle
  • Easy to clean: Yes

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Special features of each presented easyology cat litter mat

Each of the mat options is suitable for cats. They have a pleasant colour scheme, large enough sizes, and they are easy to clean. But each of the models in our easyology cat litter mat review has its own unique characteristics.

Easyology Premium Large Cat Litter Mat 35 x 23

Easyology Premium Large Cat Litter Mat 35″ x 23″

This cat litter mat has a fairly large size and many colour options. You can choose from neutral black to pale lilac. The special surface made of PVC rubber has an uneven design so that the cat can wipe its paws and not carry litter around the room. It can also be brushed or simply shaken. Suitable for kitchen and bathroom, but the rectangular shape will not allow to place the rug in the corner of a room.

Easyology Jumbo Litter Mat 47 x 36 Cat Litter Mat

Easyology Jumbo Litter Mat 47″ x 36″ Cat Litter Mat

The surface structure of the product is designed to better capture litter and not allow it to spread around the room. The pet will also be able to wipe its paws, leaving the rest of the sand on the mat. Another advantage is the large size of the rug, so you can put a cat toilet on it.

To clean the mat, you just need to shake or brush it. It has rough surface and firmly adheres to the floor. Even if your cat jumps on it at full speed, the rug will not move.

Easyology Cat Litter Mat for Large Litter Box

Easyology Cat Litter Mat for Large Litter Box

The main advantage of this model is two layers of rubber, one is meshy, the other one is solid. Therefore, excess litter doesn’t fly all around the room but fall at the bottom. It is easy to clean it with a brush. The structure of the mat doesn’t allow it to move even a bit.

Perhaps, some people will not like the bright blue color, as there are no other options available. But even if the mat gets wet, its colour doesn’t leave prints on the surface of the floor, which is good.

Easyology Corner Litter Mat, Cat Litter Mat

Easyology Corner Litter Mat, Cat Litter Mat

This model has a triangular shape, so it is easy to get in the corner of the room. You can use it for the tray and plates. In this case, the mat is large enough. The thick material, which is firmly fixed to the floor surface, is an undeniable advantage. The structure of the mat is waterproof and traps most of the litter.

Frequently asked questions about cat litter mats

Q: Which cat litter mat by Easyology is better?

The best rubbish mat is one that has a waterproof and dense structure. It should also be large enough and convenient for both cat and cleaning. Pets may refuse to walk on surfaces that are unpleasant for them. Therefore, it is worth choosing the one your cat is comfortable with.

Q: How to clean cat litter mats?

You can simply shake the rug and gently sweep away the litter. You can also use a brush, depending on the type of soiling. Wet litter is removed with a sponge or paper.

Q: Can I wash Easyology mats?

Washing machine is not the best option for a mat. But it is still easy to clean it with a brush or a sponge. In extreme cases, it can be rinsed manually without any chemicals. The special structure of the mat doesn’t trap litter and practically doesn’t absorb smells, if, of course, the mat is made of high-quality material.

Q: How to prevent a cat from raking up litter from a mat by Easyology?

Most likely, the reason is in the tray. If you replace the product or the filler, your cat will stop raking garbage from the mat. In an extreme case, replace the rug, but the root reason of such behaviour is most often not caused by it.

Conclusion + our recommendation based on price+quality factor.

Choosing a mat for your pet is based on individual criteria. But we advise you to select one of the presented options. All models are not only made of excellent high-quality materials but are also quite large. They can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen and are easy to clean. The manufacturer of the Easyology series declares a patented formula according to which it creates material for its mats. At least, it is really convenient to use this rug, and it will surely appeal to even the most fastidious cat.

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