Is your pet sad and doesn’t want to play? Does he have a sore appearance and no appetite? Do you notice vomiting or diarrhea after each meal while his stomach is swollen, and there are wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath? Perhaps it’s time to think about dewormers? Since the symptoms listed above, like nothing else, are signs of a dog infected with the worms.

The worms (a.k.a. helminths) in the form of eggs enter the dog’s body through the mouth. The protective shell keeps them from gastric juice, and once in the intestine, the parasites turn into larvae and penetrate into the blood vessels and blood, gnawing everything in their path. It is important to know that this type of parasite has a period of higher activity that takes place in February and March. Prophylactic deworming is more effective in this time of the year.

Deworming is getting rid of parasites inside the gastrointestinal system. The anti-worm drugs are the important point of prevention especially before vaccination. You have to remember that any animal can swallow parasites regardless of the conditions of living. The pet usually picks them up during a walk. It is not necessary to nibble or eat things on the street to catch a worm. Often it is enough to sniff or lick something, besides, dogs often become infected because of their specific way of “getting to know”. Often, worms do not worry the dog for a very long time until their number becomes critical or the pet undermines its immunity.

Dewormers for dogs are provided in the following forms: tablets, drops, liquid. Each owner, having chosen the best dewormer for dogs, can start independent treatment of his pet or prevention of worms if the dog has the symptoms of infection. But you should not forget about the following rules:

  • Dewormer is contraindicated for small puppies under the age of 4-6 weeks;
  • Deworming should be done before the dog is pregnant;
  • You can’t carry out deworming procedure if your pet suffers from other parasites (fleas, ticks). This will worsen the situation and the health of the dog.

Also, when buying, keep in mind that deworming drugs differ in the mechanism of action. There are:

  • Drugs that act destructively on the nervous system of worms;
  • Drugs that destroy the protective shell of the parasite, cuticle;
  • Drugs that paralyze the muscular system of worms;
  • Drugs that affect the metabolism of the parasite, leading to its death.

This article will tell you about the best liquid dewormer for dogs. Read below about the advantages of this type of drug and how to choose right item for your dog. Just be sure to consult the veterinarian about the drug you choose and the type of the worms.

Table of Contents:

What is Liquid Dewormer for Dogs?
Detailed Characteristics of the Best Liquid Dewormers for Dogs
Which Liquid Dewormer to Choose?<
1. Naturpet D Wormer
2. ProSense Roundworm De-Wormer Liquid
3. Liquid Dewormer for Cats and Dewormer for Dogs
4. Canine Roundworm Dog Puppy De-Wormer
5. RFD Liquid Wormer
The Best Liquid Dewormer for Dogs: Summary and Recommendation

What is Liquid Dewormer for Dogs?

Liquid dewormer for dogs is a suspension usually having a pleasant taste and smell. As a rule, a bottle with a drug has a dispenser or pipette for ease of use. The suspension against worms for dogs is considered the most convenient means for deworming. The advantages of this form of drugs are the following:

  • It’s easy and comfortable to dose it;
  • It can be poured in the dog’s mouth through a syringe;
  • You will be sure that the pet has completely swallowed the drug;
  • Unlike the pills, it is easy to give liquid to a puppy or a small breed dog.

Detailed Characteristics of the Best Liquid Dewormers for Dogs




Age of dog

Number of treatments

Volume fl. oz.

Dispenser with pipet

Type of the worm

Naturpet D Wormer | 100% Natural, Safe, & Effective Dewormer for Dogs and Cats | 3.3 oz Liquid Herbal DewormerNaturpet D Wormer BUY NOW AMAZONSweetPleasantFrom 0 months2-73.3YesPinworm, roundworm, giardia, tapeworm, whipworm, and ringworm
ProSense Roundworm De-Wormer Liquid 4oz for DogsProSense Roundworm De-Wormer BUY NOW AMAZONSweetPleasantFrom 6 weeks144 NoRounworm
Liquid Dewormer for Cats and Dewormer for DogsLiquid Dewormer for Cats and Dewormer for Dogs BUY NOW AMAZONHerbalNo smellFrom 6 weeks102YesRoundworm
Canine Roundworm Dog Puppy De-Wormer Breeder 4 fl oz LiquidCanine Roundworm Dog Puppy De-Wormer BUY NOW AMAZONMeatMeatFrom 6 weeks144NoRoundworm
RFD Liquid Wormer for Puppies Dogs Dewormer Broad Spectrum 2 Ounce 60mlRFD Liquid Wormer lBUY NOW AMAZONSweetNoFrom 6 weeks12NoRoundworms and hookworms

Which Liquid Dewormer to Choose?

Among a fairly wide choice of dewormers, it is difficult to decide which one to buy to help a pet with a 100% guarantee. In order to help you in this matter, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of the most popular drugs.

Naturpet D Wormer

Naturpet D Wormer


The drug is natural so it won’t damage tender intestines of your pet. You can be sure that almost all types of the worms are killed when using this medicine. Plus, it is developed especially for new-born puppies and acts quite fast.

Our opinion

Despite its high price, the drug can be called really the best in the category of liquid dewormers.


  • 100% natural, so it won’t damage the tender stomach and digestive system of your pet;
  • It affects almost all types of worms;
  • It has very convenient dispenser;
  • It can be used from the birth of your puppy;
  • It has no side effects;
  • It acts rather fast;
  • It is safe-guard dewormer liquid for dogs.


  • Its price is quite high.
ProSense Roundworm De-Wormer

ProSense Roundworm De-Wormer Liquid


If your pet has roundworms (and only them), you can be sure 100% this drug will kill them and prevent their second appearance.

Our opinion

Not bed and affordable drug against roundworms, but if the dog has other types of helminthes, it’s useless.


  • The volume is big;
  • It protects against and kills roundworms;
  • The price is affordable.


  • It can’t be used for puppies under 6 weeks;
  • It doesn’t do anything with other types of worms;
  • It has no dispenser.
Liquid Dewormer for Cats and Dewormer for Dogs

Liquid Dewormer for Cats and Dewormer for Dogs


Organic and natural thing to help improve your pet’s metabolism and… that’s it. This is not dewormer actually and according to the reviews of the customers.

Our opinion

Use it if you need to improve digestion of your dog but don’t buy to kill worms.


  • It’s completely organic and natural, so it won’t damage your dog; moreover, it can improve the dog’s metabolism;
  • It has pleasant smell and taste;
  • The time of treatment is rather short.


  • The manufacturer positions it as roundworm fighter, although in reality it just helps to improve digestion of the dog.
Canine Roundworm Dog Puppy De-Wormer

Canine Roundworm Dog Puppy De-Wormer


The manufactures took care your dog would like this drug due to its attractive smell and taste. However it protects only against roundworms as most of liquid dewormers do. So don’t hope to get amazing treatment effect.

Our opinion

Quite expensive drug with pleasant taste and smell but not really effective.


  • It really protects against roundworm;
  • It has original meaty smell and taste.


  • It has no dispenser;
  • It can’t be used for puppies under 6 weeks;
  • The price is pretty high.
RFD Liquid Wormer l

RFD Liquid Wormer


The most expensive drug in the category of liquid dewormers for dogs and highly effective. But, keep in mind it can’t be used for the puppies under 6 weeks and it’s not really comfortable to measure the dosage for your dog.

Our opinion

Great tool against round and hook worms but useless against other types of helminths and the price is biting.


  • It kills the worms from the first time of intake;
  • It has no smell;
  • It protects against roundworm and hookworm.


  • The dispenser is absent;
  • Puppies under 6 weeks cannot be treated with it;
  • The price is the highest among similar products.

The Best Liquid Dewormer for Dogs: Summary and Recommendation

After analyzing and carefully weighing all the pros and cons, we came to the conclusion that the best liquid tapeworm dewormer for dogs (and not only tapeworm dewormer) is NaturPet D Wormer. It covers almost all types of parasites; a huge plus of it is that it can be used right from the moment of birth of your pet. In addition, it has a positive effect on the digestive system, so that it can be safely used as a prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. And, as for the price, you can fork out for the sake of your best fluffy friend. Anyway, you should not save on health, especially when we talk about health of pets.

In the end we would like to add that almost all antihelminths for dogs have certain indications for use. Each medicine contains instructions, where the dose of the drug per weight of the animal is indicated; it must be observed. Remember that you can’t use any drug if the dog is weak or sick. Not all drugs are suitable for puppies, during periods of pregnancy or lactation. If there are other animals in the house, they should also be given the dewormer, since there is a high risk of infection. Remember that the choice of antihelmintic drugs is very important for the development and health of your dog. Do not forget about the dangers of parasites and the consequences they cause. Keep in mind that all the treatment should be discussed with the professional veterinarian. The dogs are like the children: they need our care and love, as well as attention. So, take care of your dog well and it will be faithful and happy.

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