Kitty Holster Cat Harness Overview

Kitty Holster harness is a walking cotton vest for cats. It covers the top of the back and is reliably secured with two Velcro fastenings – under the chest and under the throat. On the back, there is a metal D-ring for a leash attaching. The vest helps to control a pet during walking without the risk of choking. It comes in a variety of sizes (XS through XL) and colors.

Kitty Holster Main Line vs Boutique Line Overview

Currently, there are two lines of the Kitty Holster cat harness available. The starting price for the harnesses of the main line is $24.95. They are made of durable cotton and come in a variety of color solutions.

The boutique line of Kitty Holster walking vests includes the same harnesses made of premium sorts of fabric – satin, silk or brocade. Each unit is hand-made and each has a unique design. The harnesses of the Boutique series are lightweight and very comfortable. Their starting price is $49.99.

Kitty Holster Harness vs Other Brands: a Comparative Chart

Best Choice
Crazy K Farms Kitty Holster review
Crazy K Farms Kitty Holster
  • Type: Vest
  • Sizes available: XS-XL
  • Material: Strong cotton
  • Fastening: 2 Velcro fastenings

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Eagloo Cat Harness review
Eagloo Cat Harness
  • Type: Vest
  • Sizes available: XS-S
  • Material: Air-mesh synthetic fabric, nylon
  • Fastening: Adjustable buckles

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TSA Fast Pass Leash Harness review
TSA Fast Pass Leash Harness
  • Type: Vest
  • Sizes available: S-XL
  • Material: Air-mesh synthetic fabric, nylon
  • Fastening: A Velcro on the chest + buckles on the neck

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Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness review
Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness
  • Type: H-shaped vest/jacket
  • Sizes available: All sizes
  • Material: Strong cotton
  • Fastening: 2 Velcro fastenings

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Bond & Co. Donut-Print Hooded Cat Harness and Leash Set review
Bond & Co. Donut-Print Hooded Cat Harness and Leash Set
  • Type: H-shaped vest
  • Sizes available: L
  • Material: Air-mesh synthetic fabric cotton
  • Fastening: A Velcro on the chest + buckles on the neck

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Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Crazy K Farms Kitty Holster: a Detailed Review

Crazy K Farm by Kitty Holster is made specially for cats. Its construction is very simple: it looks like a whole piece of cloth with two pairs of fastenings. Just place it on the top of your pet’s back and fasten the Velcros under the throat and under the chest. The vest itself is thin and lightweight but durable. The harness is easy to adjust, so you can regulate the tightness if your kitty is trying to escape.

What we think

While being a bit pricier than most rivals, Kitty Holster is worth of its price. It is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to put on and take off. You don’t need to slip it over the cat’s head, which means the pet is less scared. At the same time, many cats are scared of the sound of Velcro fastenings. Also, keep in mind that the fabric is rather dense, and there is a risk of a cat’s overheating in summer.


  • lightweight and durable;
  • easy to put on and take off;
  • machine-washable;
  • all sizes and colors available;
  • easy to adjust and escape-proof.


  • no leash included;
  • cats can be overheated under the dense fabric;
  • a bit pricey.

Unboxing and Supply Package

Crazy K Farms Kitty Holster harness comes in four sizes. For our tests, we ordered the M/L option, which is claimed to fit pets with the neck girth of 10-13 inches and the chest girth of 16-20 inches. The real size corresponds with the claims – the unit doesn’t seem to run large or small. The supply package includes a vest and a manual, which is quite nice. That said, no leash is included, so you’ll have to buy it separately.

Kitty Holster Cat Harness Sizing

Size is one of the most important parameters to consider when choosing a cat harness. A tight harness is uncomfortable for a pet, while a loose vest is easy to escape from. The easiest way to choose the right Kitty Holster is to use the size chart:

SizeNeck Girth (in)

Chest Girth (in)


Why Kitty Holster Cat Harness Is Better

We’ve compared several harness brands with similar parameters to choose the best one. While there are more than one decent options to consider, Kitty Holster has some advantages if compared to its rivals. It is made of 100% cotton, like Mynwood Cat Jacket, while its starting price is $24.95 against $28 of Mynwood. If compared to the vests with plastic buckles, this jacket with Velcro fastenings only is very lightweight. Also, it is thinner than mesh nylon vests but almost equally durable.

Can You Use Kitty Holster Cat Harness Regularly?

You can use Kitty Holster harness as often as you wish if your cat is comfortable with it. This universal harness suits for walking out, traveling or going to the vet. It is lightweight and easy to clean; you can wash it in a washing machine (at low temperature) regularly. According to real customers’ reviews, normally, the harness lasts for up to three years if used regularly.

How to Put on The Kitty Holster Harness?

This vest-type harness is very easy to put on. Just place it on the top part of a cat’s back and secure with two Velcro fastenings – the first one is under the throat; the second one is under the chest. After that, attach a leash to the D-ring. Don’t forget to make some adjustment to make sure the harness is neither too tight nor too loose.

How to Measure a Cat for a Kitty Holster Harness

To choose the right size of the Kitty Holster harness you need to measure your cat’s chest and neck girth. Then use the size chart to select a suitable option. Keep in mind that there are no “standard” pets; each animal is unique. If you hesitate between two sizes, opt for a larger one. You’ll be able to adjust it later. If you are not sure whether the harness fits your cat well, try to place a finger between the harness and the pet’s skin. There must be enough space for one finger, no more.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best cat harness is easy when you understand what you need. Kitty Holster is the top choice of over 1500 customers on Amazon, and this is not without reason. This vest-type harness is both durable and lightweight, easy to adjust and nice-looking. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Finally, it reduces the risk of escaping. Without any doubt, this cat harness is worthy of consideration.

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