What Is An Escape Proof Cat Harness?

Unlike a regular harness, its escape-proof analogue is put so that it prevents animal slipping from it. Basic harness models are often made of synthetic straps and belts – they slip over cat’s fur and animal can easily put such thing off.

An escape harness includes a jacket that firmly embraces cat’s body and guarantees safety. You can use such harness when:

  • walking your cat;
  • taking the animal to the hospital;
  • training the pet.

Compare The Best Escape Proof Cat Harnesses

Best Choice
PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash review
PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash
  • Material: Nylon + breathable Velcro material
  • Leash included: yes
  • D-ring included: Yes, 2
  • Water-resistant: yes

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Also great
Soft Mesh Dog Cat Harness review
Soft Mesh Dog Cat Harness
  • Material: Breathable polyester
  • Leash included: no
  • D-ring included: Yes, 1
  • Water-resistant: no

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Also great
Dexil Luxury Cat Harness Padded review
Dexil Luxury Cat Harness Padded
  • Material:Breathable polyester
  • Leash included: no
  • D-ring included: Yes, 3
  • Water-resistant: yes

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Also great
HOUNDNINE Escape Proof Cat Harness review
HOUNDNINE Escape Proof Cat Harness
  • Material: Nylon
  • Leash included:
  • D-ring included: Yes, 1
  • Water-resistant: no

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Also great
Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Black Adult Cat review
Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Black Adult Cat
  • Material: Fabrics
  • Leash included: no
  • D-ring included: Yes, 1
  • Water-resistant: no

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Top-5 Escape Proof Cat Harnesses Reviews

We have reviewed the most popular cat harnesses and picked up the models that might appeal to you. Our team compared the level of safety ensured, materials, comfort, and price/quality ratio.

PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash

PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash – Adjustable Soft Mesh – Best for Walking


If you need a simple and safe solution, Pupteck escape proof cat harness is exactly the thing for beginners! It features one buckle that’s easy to use, and the girth is customized with the help of belt. There are 10 bright color variations available, and a 59-in leash is already included. The jacket is made of easy-to-secure Velcro material and has soft mesh to ensure ultimate comfort of your pet.

Our opinion

A great value for the money! This harness has all necessary features without costing extra bucks. We strongly recommend it for adult cats.


  • Leash included;
  • Comfortable material;
  • 10 color variations available.


  • the specified dimensions are not 100% accurate – the L size is small for some large cats.
Soft Mesh Dog Cat Harness

Soft Mesh Dog Cat Harness No Pull Comfort Padded Vest for Small Pet Cat and Puppy


Owners of small cats should pay attention to this model: the XS size has 8-inches minimal girth which makes it optimal even for kittens. The model is made of breathable polyester and features padded mesh. Girth can be easily regulated with the belt. The D-ring is included, but no leash.

Our opinion

A nice solution for small cats and kittens. The model is comfortable and relatively safe.


  • easily regulated;
  • 6 colors available.


  • no leash included;
  • not water-resistant;
  • the straps aren’t comfy for some cats.
Dexil Luxury Cat Harness Padded

Dexil Luxury Cat Harness Padded and Water Resistant


The best thing about this harness is that it features the 3rd D-ring on the front, so you can attach a leash any convenient way (not included). The model is produced from waterproof polyester and features padding for comfy wearing. There are 5 bright colors available.

Our opinion

This model lacks sizes: there’s either a small S-M, or a large L-XL. If you have a medium-sized cat, none of those might fit.


  • non-expensive;
  • bright colors available;
  • 3 D-rings.


  • lack of sizes;
  • no leash included.
HOUNDNINE Escape Proof Cat Harness

HOUNDNINE Escape Proof Cat Harness – Holster Style Adjustable Body Soft Mesh – Best for Walking


Got a large car? Want a cheap escape proof cat harness? Opt for the model from Houndnine. Their escape-proof jacket would fit adult cats without hurting them. The nylon material is weather-resistant and long-lasting. Like other models, this one is adjusted with the help of a belt, and one buckle is included.

Our opinion

A cheap basic option for simply walking your cat, but make sure the size fits it!


  • Cheap;
  • Soft nylon material.


  • No leash included;
  • One D-ring only.
Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Black Adult Cat

Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Black Adult Cat


This is one of the most top-rated models, and the secret of its success is the soft convenient fabric: handmade quality is guaranteed by the producer. This escape-proof hardness is very easy to put on, and it doesn’t cause discomfort for pets. If you’re ready to pay for quality, go for it.

Our opinion

This jacket suits only large cats, so if you own a small pet – search for another option. Generally, its price is twice higher than in other cases, which isn’t justified by the material only.


  • Comfortable for cats;
  • Easy to use.


  • Expensive;
  • The material isn’t breathable.

ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Soft Air Mesh No Pull Puppy Choke Free Over Head Vest Ventilation Harness for Puppy Small Medium Dogs and Cats


This exceptionally soft and lightweight mesh harness suits to both dogs and cats. It is available in six sizes and nine bright colors. The harness construction prevents choking, which is especially important for cats, as they have a soft throat. Both chest and neck nylon straps are fully adjustable. Plastic quick-release buckles make it easy to put the harness on and take it off, and reflective elements improve visibility.

What we think

The harness is well-made and very lightweight. We absolutely love a wide variety of colors and sizes, as well as the breathable fabric. Without any doubt, this is a wonderful option for dogs of various sizes. That said, when it comes to tricky cats, it has a serious flaw: the neck strap tends to get a bit loose quickly, which makes it easy for the feline to escape.


  • lightweight and breathable;
  • fully adjustable;
  • a variety of colors and sizes;
  • durable and reliable.


  • not escape-proof;
  • the neck loop tends to get loose quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does The Escape Proof Cat Harness Hold Your Cat?

A: An escape-proof harness embraces cat’s body under the front legs and around the neck – the material should be firm and fit tightly enough. This way, the cat is not able to slip through its construction.

Q: Can You Use A Regular Escape Proof Cat Harness?

A: There is a huge difference between escape-proof belt harnesses and jackets. The second option is always safer because it’s harder for a cat to escape. Such jackets can be used on a regular basis whenever you go for a walk with a cat, or take it on a trip – the material will not harm it.

Q: How To Put On A Escape Proof Cat Harness?

A: Unfasten the belt and put the lower part of the jacket on the cat. Adjust it around the body under front legs so that it would embrace the chest firmly (but enough for a pet to breathe freely). Once you adjust the lower belt, put on the higher part around cat’s neck and adjust. Attach the leash to a D-ring. You are ready.

Q: How To Measure A Cat For A Escape Proof Harness?

A: Take two measurements: chest girth and neck girth. Choose a leash with the corresponding dimensions. If measurements are somewhere between the two sizes, choose a smaller one – cats’ slippery fur can simplify the escape. As long as the pet breathes and moves without restrictions, it’s okay with the chosen size.

Q: What should I look for in a cat harness?

A: A good cat harness must meet several important criteria. Of course, it needs to be properly sized – neither too loose nor too tight. As far as any cat is unique, a harness should be adjustable – you must be able to adjust the neck and chest loops independently. Needless to say, a harness should be easy to put on, lightweight, and durable. These are important things to look for.

Q: What kind of harness should I use?

A: What type of harness to choose for your cat depends on his size and convenience. For a kitten, you'd better pick up a harness designed for teacup dogs. This way, he will get used to wearing something to fit their little body. Vest-style harnesses for cats are safe and comfortable. They distribute pressure and weight evenly without overburdening a cat's gentle neck. However, if your cat tends to slip out of the harness, a jacket-style model is recommended.

Conclusion & Our Recommendations

So, what’s the best cat harness? If you own a small cat or a kitten, we recommend trying Soft Mesh Dog Cat Harness – it’s easily adjustable and firm enough. Got a large cat? There’s no need to overpay for Mynwood model. For some $12, you can find a great adjustable and breathable model, for example, Pupteck’s escape-proof harness.
There isn’t much difference in price between models, so don’t hesitate to pay some extra $2-4 for comfort and essential features.





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Natalie Ferguson

PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness Set This escape proof cat harness is made out of breathable mesh material with Velcro fasteners. The harness is adjustable at the neck and girth to offer a cozy fit. There is an additional buckle on the neck piece of the harness just in case your kitty manages to wriggle free of the Velcro. Safety is always priority! Your cat will be comfortable in this padded harness, and during warm summer months the material offers plenty of breathability.

Ana Bryant

When Do You Need an Escape Proof Cat Harness?

Brandy Simmmons

Cat harnesses are the perfect way to exercise your cat outside safely. Whether you have an indoor cat who loves a bit of fresh air, or an outdoor cat who loves coming on walks away from home, a cat harness and leash set gives you the opportunity to let your kitty enjoy exploring, while also keeping them safe.

Vicki Flores

Kitty Holster Cat Harness When choosing a harness for your cat to wear while traveling, comfort is key. Whether you’re planning to take your cat on a long plane or car journey, this vest-style Kitty Holster harness is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear for long stretches of time. Some reviewers also mention that this harness is virtually escape-proof.

Bill Wade

What is The Safest Harness Style?

Andrea Craig

Eagloo Cat Harness The Eagloo Cat Harness includes a soft mesh lining which is perfect for use on cats or small dogs. To ensure that it’s comfortable for your little friends, the harness features multiple levels of adjustments. Besides that, the harness includes plush polyester straps and breathable fabric.

Felecia Simmmons

PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness Another trendy, durable, and effective product to make it to our list is this adjustable one from Pupteck. Featuring a heavy-duty nylon strap with plastic buckles, this harness can be easily adjusted at the neck and chest area to give your pet the perfect fit. Crafted with an H-style, the strong Snap-On plastic buckles allow easy putting on and taking off. The harness also comes with a matching leash for added control and can be connected easily by the D-ring present on the harness.

Lee Coleman

One way to ensure that your pet will have a fun outing without putting themselves at risk is to keep them on a leash. A cat harness would be the perfect equipment for that purpose. This will allow your cat to learn the kind of environment outdoors and allow them to exercise and release some stress.

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